Banking and mortgage lending are their main jobs, but they also work with insurance, leasing, pension , real estate agency and investment. This bank helps you as future and current homeowner. They can offer you various payday loans for your home, but also a home inspection if you need help with what repairs and any improvements your home may need. In fact, This bank offers you financial advice, no matter what the situation you are in, and regardless of which phase of life you are in. This bank is not only for the private but also for the companies.

Bank for the business owner.

For you, who has their own practice or clinic and works within the health sector, This bank offers advice to your finances and the future. Their advisors have an understanding of and insight into your business and the challenges surrounding eg. patients, employees, services and practices. This bank Bank specializes in advisory services both at the business level, but also at the private level. They will give you tools and sparring about your private finances as well as your business so you can feel confident about what the future brings.

In keeping with this, This bank places particular emphasis on what can bring you and your clinic / practice to the fore and how you utilize your company’s full potential. This bank keeps abreast of what developments are seen in the healthcare sector, so you are guaranteed good and competent advice. And together you can get the bank solution that best suits you and your needs.
When choosing them as the primary bank for your practice, you get lower prices and fees as well as other benefits.

For your privacy

For you as a private person, Banks also helps with payday loans and advice on everything from buying a home and cottage for insurance and travel. Just as you through This bank can get a budget and get you an overview of your finances and any payday loans.

Bank Insurance.

Bank Insurance.

Do you know if you are properly insured? If the answer is no, this is also something This bank can handle. Your need for insurance changes all the time. When you go from the owner of the apartment to the homeowner, or if you are going on a longer trip abroad.
You can book a meeting with This bank, which together with you will review your insurance policies and find out if they meet your needs.
This bank offers different types of insurance.

Home insurance: Applicable to you and your household (occupancy and liability claims). This also includes non-residents children under 21. You have the option of various options if you want your home insurance to cover wider. The first year you buy insurance online at This bank, you get a 5% discount.
Home insurance: Get help to get the most beneficial home insurance for you.

Electricity damage, damage to pipes and pipelines is replaced by new value.
Auto insurance: Find the insurance solution that best suits you. There are many benefits to be gained from a car insurance with hull cover . Among other things. If you get damaged, you will be transported your car to the nearest workshop for free, just as you can get a loan car during the repair.

Future plans, savings and pensions.

Future plans, savings and pensions.

Here too, This bank Bank helps you with payday loans and advice, no matter what your dreams are. It may be that you want to expand your home, buy a home abroad or buy a new car. They help you get the big overview of your future dreams and their realization opportunities.

You may also have realized the benefits of a savings account. You can create such an account with This bank Bank. There is no requirement as to how much you should deposit into your account. Or how often you have to do it – it’s up to you. You can save for holidays, special events such as weddings, confirmation and christening. Or you can just save on unforeseen expenses and use your savings as a security line. It is always nice to know that you have some degree of financial security.

In connection with the savings, you can also create a child saving and secure your child’s future help with the economy. When you set up a child savings at This bank, you can choose to either leave the money, until your child gets old enough to raise them. Or you can choose to invest the money or just a part of them, and then get an even bigger dividend later. If you choose to leave the money, the accrued interest during the bond period is tax-free. You may want to try This bank’s child savings calculator and find out when to create the savings to give your child the best cards on hand later

Bank Investment Guide.

At some point, your savings may be so great that it is best to create a wealth account if you do not miss good interest through interest . Here it can also be an opportunity to start considering the investment opportunities. You can work with This bank on your investments – the investments themselves are of course up to you, but This bank would like to give you good advice. On This bank’s website you can find their investment guide.

When you retire, it means your life situation is changing, and so does your finances. It takes a lot of planning to go from fixed salary every month to having to live part of a savings. In this connection, This bank can help you set a plan and a future budget. You can also use This bank’s pension check. You must enter your date of birth and monthly salary before tax, and then you can get an assessment of your total pension savings.