If the borrower can prove that his or her financial status, and ideally his or her working status, has changed since the misappropriation and negative remark, the bank administrator usually approves a loan. The own house bank evaluates the internal creditworthiness more strongly than the result of a remark inquiry, on whose assumption it dispenses anyway anyway. The assessment of internal creditworthiness also includes minor offenses not to be reported to the remark, such as an unauthorized overdraft, so that it is actually stricter than remark’s information.

Another way to successfully apply for payday loans despite negative remark is to provide a guarantor if he has an unimpeachable credit rating. If you have a private pension insurance, you can lend it. Since in this case the payment claim of the customer vis-à-vis the insurance serves as sufficient credit security, it is not necessary to make a remark request for the insurance company.

The remark of Payday loan from Switzerland

The remark of Payday loan from Switzerland

While payday loans remain possible despite negative remark entries, as long as these are soft entries, hard remark entries such as an affidavit or an arrest warrant certainly lead to a rejection of the loan application submitted. A remedy is provided by the remark-free loan from a bank. This is inevitably awarded without remark information and also without a later remark entry, since the corresponding financial institutions are not members of the German credit protection.

Borrowing, however, is deposited, which performs similar tasks as the German remark. Anyone who fails to properly repay a payday loan will no longer receive a loan from there in the future. Since the previous financial failures are stored only in the German remark file, the receipt of a Swiss loan without remark is basically nothing contrary.

However, in spite of negative Swiss remark, favorable borrowing means that the borrower draws a regular minimum income that is higher than the minimum salary typically set by German banks for lending. The processing of remark-free loans from Switzerland takes place via a German bank account and in euros.